Thursday, May 30, 2013

What motorbike trip can teach us about relationship…?

The real learning experience can meet us wherever we want, in any situation of our life, especially if we are dare to learn something new… Especially absolutely new experience… More especially, extreme experience…

So, what u can take as lessons from 8 hours motorbike trip around mountains,  if u first time ever do that, going over terrible fears, doubts and without any idea where u heading

"Driving the bike is always a risk. Relations is even a bigger risk. You have a choice to wait in the line or to go faster. Bike is responsibility. Relations is even bigger responsibility .Only pilot provides the safety and without trust no one could get a pleasure from journey."

1. TRUST DOESN’T APPEAR BY ITSELF. It requires risk. It comes with experience, with sharing fears, with getting support…. It comes when u see that your fears were heard, and  other person don’t reach a point (literally the speed limit), where u feel scary and unsafe. U cant trust from the first moment you dive in relationships (literally jump on motorbike). U can only take a risk and see what happens.

2. ONLY U CAN DO IS TO DO YOUR BEST. Once u on a motorbike, only u can do – is to support drive to do his best for both of u. Don’t u ever had experience in your relationship, when u are “on bike”, trying to change drivers style, making him go faster or slowly, disturbing him by stupid talks or sudden movements? Have u ever notice how often we try to change another person instead of concentrating on what we can do as our best in order to help us safely and joyfully reach destination? Once u are on a bike, do your best to make that journey unforgettable.

3.  IT’S A JOURNEY, NOT DESTINATION has sense. Of course u can have some roadmap and ideas about final destination, but if you concentrate only on it (to grow kids till mature age or to build house), u will loose all miracles on the way. U will loose momentum of shared experience… At the end, joy from reaching destination can last 10-15 minutes, while journey takes hours and the rest of your life…

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